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Month-to-Month Massage Membership

Welcome to our Massage Membership Program.

Become a Member and Save


We pride ourselves on our customer service and want you to be completely satisfied with our membership program as well as the value of our services. We believe they speak for themselves, as a result, we don’t want our guest to feel locked into a restrictive contract, but rather wish to reward your loyalty with discounts and incentives that keep you coming back!


We believe happy, healthy, pain & stress-free guests speak on behalf of the value of the services at Deldor Day Spa. That’s why we offer our Wellness Program! Membership certainly comes with benefits! 

Massage Membership $85.00/month Incl. Tax


Massage members enjoy an exceptional experience each month only a membership offers.


Members receive a spa experience at an affordable price in a relaxing day spa setting from a certified massage therapist. 


Our massage therapists are trained in promoting recovery, alleviating stress, and easing pain, so you always feel your best. 

By joining the wellness program, you will have a routine that helps you relax regularly. 


Benefits of Membership:

  • Customize your experience and desired results

  • 10% discount in our spa boutique products 

  • Enjoy a 10% discount on spa treatments. 

  • 10% discount on gift cards. 

  • unused treatments rollover into the next month. 

  • Share your membership with a family member

  • Savings on every massage 

  • Pay $86.00 for 60/Min. massage versus non-member price of $100.00

  • Membership-only specials (sent via email)


It’s a common misconception that self-care should be once-in-a-while treats to reward yourself.


Regular therapeutic massage enables your body and mind to give you the energy and endurance you need to maintain your busy lifestyle.


A membership at Deldor Spa makes it easy to stick to your self-care routine even when life gets busy. 

When you become a member, you will truly discover how massage can make a difference in your everyday life. 

Membership Terms & Conditions

What sets our Wellness Plan aside from other monthly "Memberships"?

  • No Contracts

  • No Sign Up Fees

  • No Yearly Fees

  • No Cancellation Fees

The membership does not automatically stop and will continue until you cancel it.

Members may cancel their monthly billing any time by calling Deldor Day Spa, or by e-mailing the Spa 7-days prior to the next billing date. All cancellations allow for a 30-day period after the last billing to use any remaining pre-paid services.

Rollover Services

Only active membership sessions will continue to roll over on a monthly basis for up to 12-months as long as the membership is active and in good standing.

When you sign up for our monthly membership, there is no risk and no hidden fees.

If you skip a month, the session rolls over to the next month. The membership program allows for up to 12-months to use rollover services with an active membership. The membership program may also be shared with a designated member (family member, significant other, etc.)

Membership Enrollment Day

Your first monthly payment is charged to your credit card on the day of membership enrollment and your enrollment day will be used to charge your credit card every month going forward.


The membership fee does not include gratuities. Quality service is customarily acknowledged by a gratuity of 15-20% which may be added at the time of check-out in the form of cash, check or charge.

Discounted Member Rate

Members pay the discounted member rate of 20% for additional sessions, and all upgrade fees and additional services are payable at the time of service.

Deldor Day Spa reserves the right to modify or cancel memberships at any time for any reason.

Please call the spa to enroll in the Massage Membership.

Monthly Membership Enrollment Form

  • No Contracts.

  • No Sign Up Fees.

  • No Yearly Fees.

  • No Cancellation Fees.

  • Cancel anytime.

Member Enrollment Form
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